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Dedicated to serving families who experience the tragedy of stillbirth and the professionals who care for them -- in Wisconsin and throughout the world

Welcome to the WiSSP website. Perhaps you have lost a child to stillbirth, or know someone who has. You may be a health care provider or support professional, caring for families who have experienced this tragic loss. Whichever the case, this website has been created for you.

WiSSP, located at Marshfield Clinic, is a community-based, University-supported model for the investigation of the causes of stillbirth. WiSSP has helped to assess nearly 3,000 infants and provided diagnostic information for counseling of their families. In addition, WiSSP has helped provide educational materials, support resources, and scientific and medical data to families and medical personnel. With the creation of this website, WiSSP aims to provide this much needed information to all medical professionals, support personnel, families, and members of the general public who have access to the World Wide Web.

Important Notice: WiSSP will not be accepting new referrals after April 1, 2017, due to the retirement of Dr McPherson.

We encourage providers caring for families that have experienced a stillbirth to continue to collect information, especially placental pathology reports, autopsy, and laboratory studies and to refer families that have questions regarding a stillbirth or second trimester loss to a maternal fetal medicine specialist and/or medical geneticist who will be able to make use of that information.

To find a genetic counselor anywhere in the country, you can search on the National Society of Genetic Counselors website: http://www.nsgc.org/page/find-a-gc-search

To find a maternal fetal medicine specialist, you can search on the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine website: https://www.smfm.org/members

About this Website

About WiSSP

For Parents, Families, and the Public
including on-line pamphlets for the public and for families, listings of support organizations and an annotated library of resources

For Physicians, Nurses, and Counselors
providing practitioners with relevant medical and scientific information including the WiSSP newsletter, protocols for evaluation of a stillborn and annotated citations to recent literature

soliciting your comments and suggestions to improve this website; please take a moment to share your thoughts

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Initial production of this site was made possible by funding from the Perinatal Foundation. Portions of WiSSP activities have been supported by Maternal and Child Health Funds from the State of Wisconsin. Website revisions were made possible through donations made in memory of Catherine J. Reynolds, who was stillborn on August 31, 2001. Currently the website is supported by Marshfield Clinic.

Original Website development:Jessica Dickstein, Ray Spiess, Susan Johnson, Catherine A. Reiser, Peggy Modaff, and Richard M. Pauli. Current website maintenance: Elizabeth McPherson, Robert Moritz.

WiSSP personnel: Elizabeth McPherson MD, Director, Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program, Richard M. Pauli, M.D., Ph.D., Founder, Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program

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